1- Mammals

This large group of animals, which includes very diverse beings: from bats to huge blue whales. Even so, they all share a common characteristic: they have milk-producing mammary glands through which they feed their young.

Con mamá

David Santiago

2- Birds

They are vertebrate animals generally adapted to flight, although many can also run, jump, swim and dive. Some have lost the ability to fly, but kept their wings as a remnant. They are found throughout the world and in all habitats and come in a great diversity of sizes, from ostrich to hummingbird.

La puerta

Jose Luís Ruiz

3- Other animals

Reptiles, insects, rotifers, snails … they all also have a place in our contest.

El cazador

Nicolas Reusens

4- Underwater

Underwater life, whether in a marine or freshwater environment, the behavior of animals or their representation, as part of particular underwater environments, can be a good treasure trove of photographs.

In The Hiding

Millos Prelevic

5- Natural paradises (landscape)

As RAE says:

From fr. paysage, right de pays ‘rural territory’, ‘country’.

1. m. Part of a territory that can be observed from a certain place.

2. m. Natural space admirable for its artistic aspect.

Cuatro almas y la misteriosa isla

David Frutos Egea

6- The quiet kingdom (plants)

It is estimated that there are more than 300,000 described species of plants, therefore, they deserve their own section.

Verde Corona

Juan Lucas

7- Art and Nature

Through a visual language focused on colors, shapes, tones and textures, the objective of this category is to awaken emotions and seduce to indulge in contemplation.

A 2.000 metros sobre el nivel del mar

Juan Pablo Plaza Pozo

8- Man and Nature

Investigate the relationship between humans and the natural world. Images can be challenging, inspiring, provocative, or revealing. They will have to illustrate how attitudes, decisions and actions have an effect on the natural world.


Young participation

9- Young photographers up to 14 years

The talent and love for photography are not something that is necessarily linked over the years. Some of our younger photographers never cease to amaze us with their camera skills.


Andrés Luis Domínguez


10- Young photographers from 15 to 18 years old

The new generations have been stomping. This is your site.

Pillado en el Aire

Carlos Pérez Naval

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