Our Jury

Isabel Díez

Photographer and Marine Biologist

Since her childhood, Isabel has maintained a dual relationship with nature: a rational one that arises from her curiosity about how life works, together with a spiritual connection that arises from her experiences in contact with it.

She was a member of the ‘Objective Pura Vida’ project carried out by the Embassy of Spain in Costa Rica to portray the extraordinary biodiversity of this country, and editor-in-chief of the magazine IRIS of the Spanish Association of Nature Photographers (Aefona) during the period 2011 – 2014.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous cities in Spain and she has participated in various exhibitions in other countries. Her photographs have been published in leading magazines in the sector and awarded in prestigious international competitions such as Nature’s Best Photography and GDT-EWPY.

Likewise, she has participated as the jury of internationally renowned member competitions such as Montphoto, Asferico and GDT-EWPY. She is the author of two photography books: Entre Mareas (2021) and Al Filo de las Mareas (2009).


ana Retamero

Biologist and photographer

Biologist who combines her work as a teacher in a Secondary Education Institute, with travel and nature photography. With her photography, she intends to show the beauty of the natural world to educate and promote knowledge of her and raise awareness of the great importance of its conservation.

She is attracted to all kinds of photographs of fauna and flora, although his photographic preferences are small-scale compositions, whether of plants, shapes in the sand, textures in ice or snow, and patiently waiting the necessary time for the light to show them at their best.

She was secretary of AEFONA and is also a member of the Sociedad Gaditana de Historia Natural.

In recent years she has obtained several prizes in national and international nature photography competitions (Fotocam, Montphoto, Memorial María Luisa, L’Oiseau, SEO, Ministry of the Environment of the Junta de Andalucía, Ecologists in action), the most important being the two first prizes in the Plants category of the competitions: “BBC-Photographer of the Year 2009” and “GDT- European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011”.


Britta Jaschinski


Known for her unique style of photojournalism, Britta Jaschinski has won numerous international awards. When she is not traveling on a project, she will be participating in one of the photography festivals in Europe. Her investigative images and her multimedia programs on the illegal wildlife trade are striking and simultaneously beautiful and inspiring. Jaschinski’s work has been published by Geo, National Geographic, Stern, Spiegel, The Guardian, WWF Media, and many other magazines, newspapers, and books. Her highly collectible photos are displayed around the world.

Jaschinski is co-founder of Photographers Against Wildlife Crime ™, an international group of photographers who have come together to use their iconic images to help end the illegal wildlife trade.


Fran Nieto


Photographer with a long career,
specialized in macro and landscape photography. He teaches workshops and courses throughout the Spanish geography, and is a regular speaker at photography conferences nationwide (in December 2019 we had the luxury of listening to him at the AEFONA Congress held in Asturias).

He is also the author of several technical photography books, the most recent one entitled “The Art of Revelation.”

His photographs have been awarded in more than 40 national and international competitions. He has served as a photographic expert for the Provincial Court of A Coruña.


Anita Campbell


Anita Campbell is a professional photographer based in Sweden. She combines her long career as a neuroscientist with her passion for nature photography, particularly bird photography, and is now a popular lecturer on the topic of birds and their importance in conveying our understanding of the human brain and its plasticity, our ability of speaking and our senses along with new hopes of helping people with neurodegenerative diseases
like Alzheimer’s disease.

She is a member of the Swedish nature photography group PhotoNatura and secretary of the IFWP (International Federation of Wildlife Photography), and has been the project leader in one of the largest nature photography festivals in Sweden, Skånsk Nature Photo Festival.


Javier Alonso Torre

Nature photographer

Author of several books – among them “Photographing the Cantabrian Sea”. His love for the landscape is evident in each of his images, in which he tries – with legendary meticulousness – to capture the grandeur and beauty that surrounds us. And he succeeds: Javier is undoubtedly one of the best landscape photographers in our country today.

Javier combines his photographic work with that of teaching, and with communication; he belongs to the Portfolio Natural collective, edits the LNH magazine, and is responsible for the well-known cycle of video-interviews “In Front of the Photographer.” In addition, Javier has been working for more than 10 years organizing workshops and photography courses.


Alfonso Lario

Photographer and ornithologist

Photographer for more than 30 years, Alfonso focuses on nature issues. He is an ornithologist and scientific bird bander. He regularly collaborates in wildlife monitoring activities. He is also a professor of Natural Sciences and Environmental Education. All this allows his field work to have a clear reflection in the dissemination and awareness of nature conservation or by giving talks, workshops and photography courses and environmental training. Alfonso collaborates and has promoted the creation of various associations related to the conservation and study of Nature.

He is currently a member and coordinator of the AEFONA Ethics and Conservation and Youth commissions, technical advisor to MontPhoto and is an active part of the international Meet Your Neighbors project.

Javier puertas


Javi Puertas carries out his professional activity in EUROPARC Spain, the main forum for managers of natural spaces in Spain.

He is also responsible for the Photography Classroom of Humanes de Madrid and organizes photographic activities and environmental awareness hand by hand with all types of administrations and entities, both public and private.

Javi is a member on the AEFONA Board, responsible for Ethics and Conservation.

Yanina Magiotto

Photographer and ornithologist

Degree in tourism and specialist in tourism and nature photography.

She was born in Argentina and moved to Spain 20 years ago, where she has lived since then in l ‘Albufera de Valencia with her family. Her passion for wildlife and nature has dragged her on from her childhood. For 10 years she has run her company Visit Natura www.visitnatura.com , specialized in bird and nature observation and photography based in Valencia.

As president of the Association of Birding Guides of the Valencia region since 2014, she works in the development and promotion of the birding CV product attending national and international fairs, and giving training courses for the tourism sector. She is also a member of the board of directors of the recent Spanish Association of Professional Nature Guides. She is passionate about birds, and actively collaborates in censuses and conservation projects.

Jasper Doest


Dutch photographer Jasper Doest creates visual stories that explore the relationship between humankind and nature. Having majored in ecology, Doest knows human life depends on everything our planet has to offer, yet he recognizes the unsustainable nature of the current human patterns of consumption.

As a true believer in the power of photography to initiate change, Doest is an International League of Conservation Photographers senior fellow and a World Wildlife Fund ambassador.

He is also a contributing photographer for National Geographic magazine and has received multiple awards from World Press Photo and Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

arturo de frías

Photographer, author, conservationist

Spanish photographer Arturo de Frias has focused on nature and wildlife images for more than 20 years. Deeply in love with polar and underwater photography, and currently secretary of the AEFONA Board and director of the photography competition AEFONA Photography for Conservation.

Arturo’s images have been published in dozens of national and international media, including National Geographic, and have received awards in various international competitions, including Montphoto, FotoFIO, Bird Photographer of the Year, International Photographer of the Year, and Fine Art Photography Awards.

Arturo has published six books on nature photography, which have sold thousands of copies, and whose entire proceeds go to his philanthropic project www.wildlifeforgood.com